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Our CEO, Syrie Cox, is interviewed for #IWD2022

Southend YMCA’s CEO, Syrie Cox, had the pleasure of being interviewed by Southend-on-Sea City Council as part of their #BreakTheBias campaign and to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay.

Syrie shares her own experiences growing up in Southend and how she set up the Southend YMCA Community School along with her friend and colleague Annette. The school has over 50 students covering GCSEs and much more. She describes being proud of the housing projects and the difference that Southend YMCA has made to young people throughout the years.

A treasured moment for Syrie was receiving a card from a mother which read “Thank you for sending my child home alive”; a moment which she will always remember alongside many proud and valued moments.

Later in the interview, Syrie praises all women of every faith and ethnicity, as well as those she has worked with throughout her life and pays tribute to her female colleagues at Southend YMCA. She highlights the struggles which women have faced, their sacrifices, and how they have created a better place for women but as a society we need keep working to achieve true equality and diversity.

Syrie also recognises the women who are in leadership roles at other local charities and care organisations such as SAVs , Southend Citizen's Advice Bureau and Southend Carers and talks about the Southend YMCA program Y’s Girls funded by the governments #TamponTaxFund where female volunteers mentor vulnerable young women to offer support and guidance.

Lastly, Syrie pays tribute to all those women who are struggling but showing strength and determination even in the face of adversity, and explains how as a society we need to look at how we can support women who need it most.

At Southend YMCA we are committed to working with thousands of young people ensuring them the best start in life.

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