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Spread Joy and Hope: Please send £10 this Christmas to give young people a brighter future.

Winter is a tough time for countless young people in Southend, and 2023 is proving exceptionally difficult. Many young people simply have nowhere they feel safe and nowhere to call ‘home’. Many find themselves experiencing homelessness for the first time in their lives as higher inflation, food and energy costs are driving poverty in families in our area.   


Every year, our Christmas appeal, ‘Present for Life’, give life-changing support to vulnerable young people living in Southend. 

This is not a gift that once opened and used will be discarded...this gift is something special and gives a young person the chance of a brighter future.  

All 'Present for Life' donations fund our housing and support services, youth and community work services, and mentoring and counselling services in Southend. These services prevent young people from slipping further into homelessness and empowers them to deal with adversity and adolescence. Your donations provides them with opportunities, education and training, mentorship, mental health resources, and vital housing support.  

Visit our JustGiving page now- or text 'SYMCA' followed by your donation amount to '70085’.  


Your present is for life. This is our City. These are our young people. Lets keep them off the streets. Thank you so much for your support.

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