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Welcome to 
Southend YMCA

As a parent or carer, we are thrilled you have chosen to enrol a young person on one of our projects. You will receive a letter from the lead of the project with times, arrangements and further details. Below you will find our welcome pack, some key policies and all the information you need about our organisation and values.


Below are some of our key policies which you may wish to refer to. These are regularly refreshed in response to changing circumstances affecting young people and changing regulations.

This page is under construction and we will be adding policies regularly. In the interim, if there are other policies you are interested in do contact Syrie Cox at with your request.


A Young Person's Guide to Complaints 

Southend YMCA empowers young people so they can pursue their rights

 If you are interested in the types of data we collect, why we collect it and how we store it click on this link

Ways to Get Involved
Ways to Donate

Do you want to get involved too?

From volunteering to attending one of our events, there are plenty of ways that you can also be involved in helping us achieve our mission.

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Bright ideas?

If you're interested in offering support in another way, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss other options with you.

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