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Empowering Youth: A Journey Towards Financial Wellbeing

On the 7th of March, a group of five young residents from Newlands Supported Accommodation embarked on a transformative journey by participating in a FREE financial wellbeing course. This workshop was hosted by Enable East who had been awarded funding to deliver FREE financial wellbeing sessions, for people of all ages, throughout Essex. The aim of the workshop was to equip the young residents with essential financial literacy skills. This initiative proved to be a stepping stone towards brighter financial futures for these participants.


Financial struggles are a reality for many, especially young people who are just beginning to navigate the complexities of money management. Recognising this, the course provided a safe space for participants to reflect on their individual financial challenges and aspirations, spanning the short, mid, and long term.


Throughout the sessions, participants were encouraged to delve into their financial circumstances, uncovering areas that needed improvement and setting achievable goals. From budgeting effectively to saving for future endeavours, the course covered a wide array of topics essential for building a solid financial foundation.


What truly set this course apart was its personalised approach. Understanding that each participant's financial journey is unique, the instructors worked closely with them to tailor strategies that aligned with their specific needs and aspirations. This personalised guidance not only fostered a sense of empowerment but also instilled confidence in the participants to take charge of their financial futures.


But the support didn't end with the conclusion of the course. Following their participation, each young person received a thoughtful follow-up phone call from the course instructor. This provided an opportunity to check in on their progress towards achieving their short-term goals, offering guidance and encouragement every step of the way.


Here are some of the quotes from the participants:


‘The course helped me to actually think about where all my money goes each month – when you write it down it makes you realise there are ways I could save some money’ – course participant

‘putting some short term goals in place, and knowing that I was going to get a follow up phone call actually made me take action’

The FREE financial wellbeing course served as a beacon of hope for young individuals striving to achieve financial stability and independence. Through education, guidance, and support, it paved the way for a brighter tomorrow, one where financial wellbeing is within reach for all.

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