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About the project

Our Fund a Room initiative offers local businesses, organisations and individuals opportunities to support Southend YMCA's work. As a local Charity, we are solely responsible for raising all our own funds. 


Everyone needs a stable and secure home - some children and young people have a very difficult start in life. Fund a Room has been developed to enable local people to play a pivotal role in the lives of the vulnerable children and young people of Southend. 


A Fund a Room donation is an investment which will help us to build the lives of the children and young people we support and help us to develop more housing.


We have two ways you can support us:


  • Business and organisational sponsors make an investment of £3,000 and have a room named in their honour for 2 years.

  • Friends of Southend YMCA make one-off donations of their choice.


Donors will receive:


  • A welcome pack introducing SYMCA and the young people you will be helping.

  • Ongoing reports on the difference your kind support has made and updates on the progress our residents are making.

  • Invites to Southend YMCA open days and events.

How it can help

Stable accommodation enables a vulnerable young person to get their life on track and access life-changing support.


A safe base reduces the risks to young homeless people from street homelessness, such as marginalisation and exploitation and improves health and wellbeing.


Young people can develop skills and are more likely to enter training and work with our support. So they can belong, contribute and thrive in our community as independent adults.


"Transforming futures...building homes, building lives"

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You can view our Welcome Pack and Policies here
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