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Suicide Prevention Month

Our FYV Youth Commissioners marked this years #suicidepreventionmonth by hand making tags with messages of hope and placing them around Southend-on-sea.

As part of the FYV 'Health & Wellbeing' strand of the project, Emily, Eugene, Rachel and Marion wrote personal quotes be put onto the tags, then hand cut and threaded ribbon on the printed tags. They then went out around Southend and placed them in various locations to help prevent suicide and encourage people to access support. The tags also had the 24/7 phone number for the Samaritans, for people who were in desperate need.

Chris Chapman commented on Facebook - "Well done for being positive about such a sad and emotional subject."

Below, Eugene talks about his aims for the project and the emotional journey he took taking part in this activity.

You can watch the other Youth Commissioners talking about the project and advice about dealing with mental health on our FYV YouTube Channel.

If you need support you can call @samaritanscharity on 116 123 or visit

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