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People of Southend-on-Sea create stunning patchwork quilt

Towards the end of last year, Southend YMCA's FYV initiative asked the people of Southend to contribute to a community quilt to tell the story of 2020. The aim was to create a little slice of history for future generations wanting to understand what it was like for people living during an extraordinary year.

The quilt contains over 100 patches and includes an array of different creative methods and was stitched together by local quilt maker The Strawberry Studio.

The project was lead by Southend YMCA volunteer Lydia Kovacs, who also helped to deliver our Face It competition to design a face covering during the first lockdown.

You can now view our online gallery of all the patches.

For residents undertaking essential trips or daily exercise which takes them past Focal Point Gallery, Elmer Square, the quilt will be displayed for you to enjoy as you pass by, until the end of the month.

Southend YMCA is ever mindful of the current lockdown restrictions to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and we remind you to follow all current safety messages, keep at a safe distance and to stay at home where possible and view our online gallery.

FYV [Find Your Voice] is a youth initiative by Southend YMCA which aims to give young people a voice and to support them to implement real change in their community for future generations.

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