We want young people to be able to freely express themselves about what they are passionate about and to give them a creative outlet in order to promote their sense of self in a way they are comfortable.


In December 2020 we asked the people of Southend to be part of making local history. All around the world people have documented last year in some way and Southend YMCA is no different!

We invited you, the people of Southend and local boroughs, to participate in the creation of a community patchwork quilt, which tells the story of Southend in the year 2020.

Anyone of any age was able to enter, the more experiences we could capture the better.

Watch our virtual  gallery here..

Here is our Project Liaison Lydia Kovacs explaining all about Get 2020 Wrapped Up...

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Lockdown was a very stressful time for all of us. Face coverings were quickly becoming an everyday reality and a symbol of the pandemic.


Here at FYV, we wanted to give young people a chance to express themselves by designing a unique face covering. This could have been expressing their feelings towards the pandemic, a subject they are passionate about or simply something that reflected their personalities.

We were lucky enough to have Fashion Historian and BBC presenter Amber Butchart on the judging panel!

Our Winner

Lily Champan, Aged 11

Lily Chapman Face It Winner.jpeg

"This is a design for people with hearing difficulties. There is a gap so people can see the mouth moving to enable them to understand..."


We had a huge number of entries and were blown away by the creativity shown and the inspirational comments behind them. Click below to view the full gallery.