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Hugely successful Ys Girls project now has vacancies for mentors and mentees!

We are pleased to announce that due to the success of our pilot Ys Girls project, the project is now able to reopen for both volunteer mentors, and mentees to apply.

Feedback so far has been phenomenal and we are so proud of everyone involved.

Nationally we have matched 229 mentees with mentors and have trained 255 mentors.

Mentors and mentees meet weekly to start, gradually reducing, for the period of up to one year.

They participate in activities out and about in the local community and the project aims to improve self-esteem and confidence and empower our young women of the future.

"Thank you for EVERYTHING this year, I am so happy to be involved in the programme it's been so rewarding, moving, enjoyable, and is teaching me so much already. You do such an incredible job I feel very lucky to have a small part in the enormous amount of impact you have on young people's lives." - Volunteer Mentor

If you know someone who may want to volunteer 2 hours per week (plus training) to a local young lady, please contact Kelly Kennedy for further information, or complete and return the application form to

If you know a young lady aged 9-14 who may benefit from meeting regularly, with a volunteer mentor, please contact Kelly, or complete and return the referral form.

Mentees should have at least two risk factors to meet the criteria. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact Kelly to discuss.

You can find the application forms on our Mentoring & Coaching page

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