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Give a 'Present For Life' this Christmas

Your present is for life, not just for Christmas. All donations to Southend YMCA go towards strengthening future prospects of the vulnerable young people we support. It's not something that will be opened, used once, and discarded.

The support that Southend YMCA gives its young people positively impacts their future selves and arms them with valuable skills needed for a fulfilling life. Whether thats our housing service that supports residents to live independently and responsibly or our counselling and mentoring teams who work with young people in the local area to build core skills such as confidence and resilience.

Your donations allow us to continue to provide housing facilities, counselling, mentoring and positive activities to improve young people’s personal development and better equip them for further education, employment, and independent living.

We have demand that far exceeds our capacity. This year we had 96 applicants for housing, 96 young people needing a home and support. We only have 36 flats, and many have already been taken. We don’t rush our residents to move on either, they can stay for up to 2 years if they need to.

Our communal living and learning area at Newlands
Our communal living and learning area at Newlands

We offer so much more than just a roof over their heads. Our housing support programme gives vulnerable young people the best opportunity to start living independently, by providing them with their own self contained flat, a key worker, 24/7 support workers on-site plus a range of personal development programs and activities, giving them skills that will last a lifetime.

We serve the young community without discrimination, we invest in the future of young people, and welcome others to join us this Christmas to do the same.

SUPPORT VULNERABLE YOUNG PEOPLE: When young people at risk of homelessness arrive at Southend YMCA they often arrive with a carrier bag and a few clothes...

  • £30 contributes to the cost of providing information, advice and counselling sessions.

  • £25 could contribute to their bed, bedding and an essential starter kit

  • £20 could contribute towards a basic toiletry kit and towel

  • £10 could keep a young person warm paying for electric

SUPPORT CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH: As parents and concerned citizens we know that Covid has really impacted the mental health and well-being of children...

  • £250 pays for a three-month program of mentoring sessions making a permanent difference to the emotional wellbeing and esteem of a child

  • £20 pays towards the costs of our befriending sessions; teaming up volunteer mentors with vulnerable young people, to help them feel less isolated, provide them with positive role models and help their confidence and relationship building.

  • £5 pays towards the cost of running our weekly youth club where young people can take place in positive activities, offering an alternative to the streets where they may be at risk.

Give a present that lasts a lifetime this Christmas.


For more information about donations, fundraising or volunteering at Southend YMCA please contact

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