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About the project

FYV is a brand-new initiative funded by The National Lottery Community Fund that empowers young people to have their voices heard on the issues they care about. The project not only listens to the concerns and aspirations of young people, but it also provides them with the opportunity, skills and resources to take a pro-active role in making a real difference to their community. 

FYV is a network for young people with shared interests and drive for change. FYV supports young people from Southend aged 10-24 years old, to collaborate and create opportunities that drive the passions of a generation forward to take positive action.

FYV Principles:

PASSION - Young peoples' passions, desires, interests, ideas and aspirations are at the heart of FYV. FYV is youth-led and we ensure young people are involved in the planning, design, delivery and evaluation stages of the project. 

VOICE - FYV encourages young people to influence decision-makers, engage in democratic processes and challenge injustices. Regular Think Tanks are held to bring young people, key stakeholders and professionals together to discuss ideas which will improve the places and spaces that matter to young people. Young people have the opportunity to share their skills and experiences and have their voices heard on both local and national levels. 

ACTION - FYV provides young people with the training, skills and resources they need to turn their passions and desire for change into reality. FYV will launch the 'Fix it Fund' small grant scheme for groups of 4 or more young people who wish to carry out social action projects within their local community.                  

CHANGE – young people have developed effective leadership skills, have improved resilience and are able to communicate effectively to mentor and inspire their peers. Young people are portrayed in a positive light, their skills, experiences and contributions are valued, and their voices are heard and listened to. Young people have a sense of belonging in their community and have a network of trusted adults and peers who can support them to take social action and make informed choices.                      


FUTURE – FYV will create a generation of changemakers who are well equipped to progress into higher education, volunteering or employment. FYV participants develop a range of transferable skills and build the confidence and self-belief they need to reach their full potential.             

How we can help

FYV supports young peoples' personal, social and political development and equips them with the skills they need to deliver community projects, influence decisions locally and nationally to make a positive contribution towards tackling the issues they care about. 

"I am delighted that SYMCA has been awarded this funding, Its a really exciting time for the Youth Board who have been involved in the consultation and planning process of FYV for the past 6 months. 

Originally the project was entitled Our Voice Our Passions Our Future, but as the project has evolved we decided the name was a bit too long, so we have chosen to call the project  Find Your Voice - FYV (pronounced 5)  however young peoples' voices, passions and futures are still very much at the heart of everything we do!"

-Rachel Roach, Chair of Youth Board

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