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About the project

FYV is a youth led project funded by The National Lottery Community Fund that empowers young people to have their voices heard on the issues they care about. The project not only listens to the concerns and aspirations of young people, but it also provides them with the opportunity, skills and resources to take a pro-active role in making a real difference to their community. 

FYV is a network for young people with shared interests and drive for change. FYV supports young people from Southend aged 10-24 years old, to collaborate and create opportunities that drive the passions of a generation forward to take positive action.

FYV Principles:

PASSION - Do you ever wonder what truly drives you? What sets your heart on fire and makes you feel alive? Well, we've got a place just for you to explore, discover, and ignite that spark within you.

VOICE - Have you ever stopped to think about the power of your voice? What it means to you and the world around you? It's time to reflect and discover the incredible influence you possess.

ACTION - Have you ever thought about the impact you can make in the world? The change you can inspire? It's time to unleash the superhero within you and explore what 'Action' truly means.


SKILLS – Have you ever thought about the incredible skills you can acquire and how they can shape your future? Now is the time to explore the world of 'Skills' and uncover your full potential.                    


WELLBEING– Have you ever thought about your health and how you can feel your absolute best, both physically and mentally? It's time to explore what 'Wellbeing' means to you and embark on a journey of self-care and growth.           

How we can help

FYV supports young peoples' personal, social and political development and equips them with the skills they need to deliver community projects, influence decisions locally and nationally to make a positive contribution towards tackling the issues they care about. 

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R.I.T.E.S Charter

Our mission is work towards inclusivity in schools.



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