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Steps for Change: A Fundraising Challenge

(Image Source: Charity Challenge, 2023)

Charity challenge events are a powerful way to empower individuals, foster community engagement, and make a lasting impact on society. These events bring together enthusiastic participants who are eager to push their limits, raise awareness, and raise funds for noble causes.

Fancy taking on a challenge and helping youth work services at the same time??

On Saturday 4th November, you can sign up to a 45km trek. You can visit all 10 Royal Parks in London in a single day! Take part in this tough 1 day urban challenge that takes you right through the heart of London. With a challenging distance to cover, this challenge is a fantastic test of your stamina and will leave you with an incredible sense of achievement.

Alternatively, on Saturday 11th November, you can take part in the London 10 peaks challenge! Discover ten of London’s often hidden peaks on this marathon distance challenge on your doorstep. Uncover some alternative UK ‘summits’ that are surprisingly close to home. You will travel a good distance of 42km on the popular ‘London Loop’ footpath, journeying over a remarkable variety of terrain and uncovering a different side to London.

You can either sign up independently through the Charity Challenge pages or email to hear more.

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