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Southend YMCA Secret Santa

Southend YMCA’s Secret Santa is a Christmas campaign that keeps alive the mystery, suspense, and surprise of holiday gifting for our young service users. If you want to make a difference, be a Secret Santa of our young service users, and choose a special gift for them during this cost-of-living crisis. For this, you will select a task to encourage our young person’s life skills development. The reason for this scheme is that Southend YMCA’s Christmas campaign is being seen as a way to tackle the present, cost-of-living crisis, to create a festive feeling among our young people and staff members and to encourage our young people to be engaged with others in the country and organization to improve their digital and life skills.

Your gift is to help young people tackle the cost-of-living crisis and help them develop their life skills. All donations to Southend YMCA will go towards supporting vulnerable young people during this cost-of-living crisis and strengthening future prospects of the vulnerable young people we support.

The support that Southend YMCA gives to its young people positively impacts their futures by arming them with valuable skills needed for a fulfilling life. Whether this is through our housing services that support residents to live independently and responsibly, or our counselling and mentoring teams that work with young people in the local area to build core skills such as confidence and resilience.

We serve the young community without discrimination, we invest in the future of young people, and welcome others to join us to do the same.

Examples are:

SUPPORTING VULNERABLE YOUNG PEOPLE LIVING IN NEWLANDS: When young people at risk of homelessness arrive at Southend YMCA, they often arrive with a carrier bag and a few clothes. Therefore, your contribution in the various ways such as:

· £30 contributes to the cost of providing information, advice, and counselling sessions.

This is vital because the rising cost of living has been associated with a reduction in wellbeing, including increased anxiety and worsening mental health and your donation will help reduce, or overcome this gap.

· £15- £25 could contribute to their bed, bedding, and an essential starter kit.

· £5 - £15 would help a young resident pay for the ever-increasing energy costs, or, helping our young residents to stay tidy (hot shower), warm and cosy.

SUPPORTING CHILDREN and YOUNG PEOPLES’ MENTAL HEALTH: As parents and concerned citizens we know that the cost of living crisis has really impacted the mental health and well-being of children and young people, so:

£20 pays towards the cost of running our weekly youth club where young people can participate in positive activities, which offers an alternative to the streets where they may be at risk.

Any in-kind of donations relating to musical instruments and board games are welcomed.

Thus, please, give a present this Christmas that helps a young person to tackle the cost-of-living crisis. Please click on the link to participate in this Christmas campaign.

If you are willing to provide an in-kind donations, we request you to send the donation/s to the address below:

Southend YMCA,


85 Ambleside Drive,

Southend On Sea, Essex


To find out more about any of our projects and services please visit and follow us on our social media platforms to stay engaged with this campaign 😊

For more information about the campaign or if you'd like to support us in another way, please contact , our Fundraising & Communications team.

Rules of the Southend YMCA Secret Santa

1. You can choose a gift (monetary or in-kind) and be a young person’s Secret Santa (Young person’s wish list during this cost-of-living crisis).

2. Along with the gift, you choose a task from the provided list (Southend YMCA’s staff members and your wish list to encourage our young people to develop their life skills).

3. Young people to perform a task to receive a gift.

4. Christmas celebrations photos and task performance photos will be published in social media platforms to keep all our donors communicated and engaged.

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