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Amplify Youth Work: Refresh Your Connections

On June 14th, the Southend Christian Fellowship Building buzzed with energy as over 100 dedicated professionals gathered for the 'Amplify Youth Work: Refresh Your Connections' conference. This dynamic event brought together experts from youth work, social services, policymaking, education, healthcare, and young leadership to share insights, forge connections, and enhance their impact on youth communities.

Keynote speakers, including Colin Ansell, CEO of Southend City Council, captivated attendees with their expertise in youth development and engagement. Their talks inspired participants to explore innovative approaches in supporting young people.

Interactive workshops and breakout sessions were a cornerstone of the conference, covering crucial topics such as fostering youth engagement in positive activities for mental health, digital engagement strategies, and youth leadership development. These sessions equipped attendees with practical tools and strategies to address the evolving needs of youth today.

Networking opportunities were a highlight, allowing professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and form collaborations that promise to strengthen youth services across sectors. For organisations like Southend YMCA, these connections are pivotal in expanding their reach and impact within the community.

Reflecting on the event, Southend YMCA’s CEO, Syrie Cox, expressed gratitude, saying, "It was so wonderful to see over 100 professionals from different agencies coming together to create a better future for young people, to learn, to share, to network, all to benefit the young people of Southend."

The success of the conference was made possible by the generous support of sponsors like Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Southend YMCA’s Find Your Voice project, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. Additionally, the invaluable contributions of all speakers and guest attendees for their time and engagement at the conference were crucial. Their dedication ensured that the 'Amplify Youth Work' conference was not only informative but also a catalyst for future collaborations aimed at elevating youth services across Southend.

Follow us for more updates on our initiatives to support and empower youth in our community.

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