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About the project

The project has been funded through the Violence & Vulnerability Unit in partnership with the Essex Council for Voluntary Youth services and has enabled staff to make positive interventions with young people in Parks, High Streets and Estates in Southend. Youth workers offer support and advice through conversations on a need met basis. The Detached Work focuses on three Wards; Kursaal, Victoria and Milton. These wards have been identified using data made available to the Violence and Vulnerability Unit (VVU), as areas with the most youth violence.

The team have engaged with otherwise hard to reach young people to promoting internal and external support services and have undertaken listening exercises with the young people highlighting their 3 top areas of concern.

  • Mental Health - long waiting lists/lack of support/more education needed

  • Knife Crime - increase in crime/youth violence/gangs

  • Employment /Training - cost of living/low wages

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