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Trek London

We are looking for people to take on a special challenge to fund vital youth services in Southend!

On Saturday 1st April, you can conquer a 42km challenging trek across hidden peaks of London. You will be part of a fun and supportive team to uncover some alternative UK ‘summits’ that are surprisingly close to home. You will travel a good distance on the popular ‘London Loop’ footpath, journeying over a remarkable variety of terrain and uncovering a different side to London. The trek will take you through beautiful woodland, thriving nature reserves and quieter spaces. Enjoy the unexpected views and chance encounters with local wildlife, such as green woodpeckers and muntjac deer. But keep one eye on those miles still to go...and that well-deserved pint at the end! This demanding trek will leave you with an immense sense of achievement knowing you have made a real difference to supporting your charity.

If you are a supporter of Southend YMCA and want to make a difference sign up today! Your sponsorships will change lives and strengthen future prospects of the vulnerable young people we support. It's a serious issue, and we are the right provider, but we cannot do it alone.

The support that Southend YMCA gives its young people positively impacts their future selves and arms them with valuable skills needed for a fulfilling life. Our youth work gives children and young people who are at risk a safety net to fall on and guide them onto a safer pathway. Our counselling and mentoring teams in Southend and the surrounding areas build core skills such as relationships, confidence and emotional resilience.

We are looking for trekkers this month to start training and sign up to the challenge. You can sign up today here.

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