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Southend YMCA to host international music event

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Young musical talent from around the world will come together in a global online music event aimed at highlighting mental health and wellbeing among young people.

The Huge Hangout is a free international online festival hosted by our music project, All In Music. It will bring together performances from youth organisations around the world to showcase and celebrate young musical talent.

The festival, on World Mental Health Day, Saturday 10th October 2020, aims to promote mental health awareness and wellbeing by providing talks, activities and workshops throughout the event.

All In Music project manager, Alex Milne said: “Our aim is to feature live performances by youth-focused organisations from around the world. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, a very insular time for us all, we hope to encourage unity and togetherness whilst showcasing the musical talents of young people. We want to explore how music and creativity can support wellbeing, as well as provide practical guidance and support on all matters to do with mental health.”

The Huge Hangout Recording Session
The Huge Hangout Recording Session

Alongside local young musicians, the festival will feature performances from Australia and the US. "We at The Bridge Music Project are thrilled to be involved in this prolific international event," said Bobby Williams, Bridge Executive Director. "We are united through our creativity."

The Huge Hangout will be broadcast live on All In Music’s Facebook page, YouTube channel and the Southend YMCA website, as well as cross-posted to the websites and social media feeds of other youth music organisations and charities.

Syrie Cox, CEO of Southend YMCA, added: “I am always inspired by the innovation, creativity and citizenship demonstrated by young people. I am very excited by the Huge Hangout which is a wonderful idea showcasing young peoples’ musical talents while promoting important messaging around mental wellbeing.”

All In Music at Southend YMCA

Established 15 years ago, the All In Music project delivers tuition, resources and support to young people aged between 10 and 25 years of age. It aims to improve skills and confidence through the power of music to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity. The project’s Southend based music studio has a dedicated staff with a wide experience of working within the music industry. For more information about All In Music, please visit

This event is presented in association with YMCA England & Wales and their Changing Futures campaign. Other national and international organisations involved are The Bridge Music Project (USA), The Heartbeat Project (USA), Mostly Mad Music (AUS), Cloth Cat (UK), Brighter Sound (UK) & The Midi Music Company (UK).

To attend The Huge Hangout festival on Saturday 10th October, head over to:

If you’d like to be involved in the event as a participant or as a sponsor, or if you’d like to make a donation, please visit

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