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Meet Our FYV Team

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Southend YMCA's newest initiative FYV 'Find Your Voice' brings together a team of young people and professionals to deliver a framework for young people to have a voice about issues that concern them.

FYV is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and it aims to empower young people and provide them with the opportunity, skills and resources to take a pro-active role in making a real difference to their community.

The FYV 'pillars'; Passion, Voice, Action, Change and Future are at the heart of the project. You can read more about them on our project page

Rachel Roach, Chair of the Southend YMCA Youth Board, has been involved in the initiative since it's conception. Watch her video below.

You can meet the rest of the team on our FYV Page

We'll be introducing them on social media over the next few weeks too, so be sure to follow us on Facebook @FYVfindyourvoice and Instagram @fyv_findyourvoice.

If you are a young person who'd like to get involved you can sign up here

Together, we can make real change.

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