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Bump To Breast continues supporting families throughout the pandemic...

At Bump to Breast we have adapted in various ways to be able to continue to support families during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have been delivering regular, interactive Facebook livestreams, during which mums can chat and connect with others, find out more about breastfeeding issues, and ask questions too.

Over the Summer and Autumn we were able to use the wonderful outdoor area at the Southend YMCA Eco Hub to meet safely together as a group, as well as starting a new session in Shoebury at the Growing Together Community Gardens. We have met outside for coffee at the beach, at Priory Park, in Shoebury Park and at the Bowling Green, and many families told us they really appreciated the chance to meet with others particularly after the isolation of the first few months of lockdown.

As we find ourselves now in a third lockdown, we have again moved the majority of our services back online, and have increased the number of our Facebook livestreams. We have recently started a regular 9am morning storytime, for people to watch with their babies and toddlers. This is happening every weekday morning, and is really popular with families, helping to give some structure to the day, and to share stories together with their little ones. It also provides an opportunity for people to connect together with others, particularly at a time when a number of families are isolating due to Covid, and often unwell with this too.

We are still able to meet mums for a one to one appointment where this is needed for specific breastfeeding issues, and would encourage people to get in touch with us via facebook messenger if this is something that would be helpful. Alternatively, we can offer support via phone call, video call or chat on facebook messenger.

We also have a friendly Facebook group, managed by some of our wonderful volunteers, who are able to chat with mums and answer any questions they may have. As well as this, we have been meeting on Teams to chat, socialise, and have a hot drink – these meetings have been really relaxed and friendly, and although we chat about all kinds of things, there’s always more to say about breastfeeding too!

We have had some lovely feedback from our wonderful families over the last few months, including:

‘Thanks for replying so fast, much appreciated’

‘Thank you so much, you are all amazing and so helpful xx’

‘This is so helpful, thank you! I had no idea there was a team I could ask to be referred to, I will contact my GP on Monday. It’s also a great relief to hear that breastfeeding can actually help my baby’s skin condition. I am so thankful for your reply, especially at the weekend’

‘Thank you for replying so quickly’

‘Thank you for getting back to me … I feel much better now xx’

‘Ah thank you so much! I couldn’t imagine having to be apart from my baby and stop breastfeeding’

‘Thank you ladies, awesome as always!’

Thank you for reading our blog.

Eleanor x

- Bump to Breast Project Lead

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