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About the project

“A confidential, listening ear”

This project provides emotional and spiritual support to young people, Southend YMCA staff members and more. Mostly, the project role of chaplaincy entails walking with the individual through their journey without any condemnation and by recognising the worth in everyone.

Presently this project offers:
  • A breakfast club at Southend YMCA Newlands Supported Accommodation

  • An online reflections meeting

  • One-to-one sessions for anyone in the YMCA and their dependents

  • Guidance

  • Signposting to other agencies is offered when appropriate, but in liaison with key workers

Although it follows all Southend YMCA policies and procedures, chaplaincy is an independent role, hence confidentiality is strictly observed.


“A confidential, listening ear”

In association with
Love Southend

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Phone: 01702 301301

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