Over 7 Years, Team YP has engaged with hundreds of young people, enabling them to be more active and take part in a wide range of activities to improve health and wellbeing. 

Find out what our young people have shared about their experiences...

Our positive activities programme for young people to improve confidence, develop social skills & make new friends.

"I have matured with my peers, built my confidence and made new friends that I’m now very close with."

A.P - Aged 14

‘’I have matured a lot. I have made new friends, done cool activities and got to socialise.’’

T.M - Aged 16

‘’Helped me be more active, have new experiences and skills. I really liked the project and would like to do it again.’’

E.W - Aged 12

"I’ve gained skills, built confidence and made new friends.’’


C.B - Aged 12

’My life has improved and I have grown. I have gained confidence and friends.’’

A.K - Aged 13