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TEAM YP is a fantastic 26-week positive activities project for young people of 11-15 years. We are delighted that the project is primarily funded by BBC Children in Need to provide experiences for young people to build resilience, teamwork, self-esteem and much more.


Team YP provides positive activities to improve confidence, health and wellbeing. The sessions range from sports and fun activities, like basketball and go-karting, to critical thinking skills, healthy cooking, positive relationships and e-safety - delivered in an empowering and interactive way.


Young people will have the chance to choose their activities as a group, guided by experienced staff, and experience a variety of unique opportunities to engage and inspire.


Team YP is aimed at young people of secondary school age who are experiencing some sort of hardship, whether it's financial or social hardship, family issues, illness, weight problems, self-esteem or confidence issues, bullying or exclusion.

How we can help

Over 7 Years, Team YP has engaged with hundreds of young people, enabling them to be more active and take part in a wide range of activities to improve health and wellbeing. 

Team YP helps young people to develop resilience and critical thinking, learning how to be safe in the real world or online and build self-esteem and confidence within a team setting. We encourage young people to harness leadership skills and think for themselves and also gives young people the chance to socialise and make new friends.


Team YP can help young people to thrive and achieve at school through receiving the support they need which is also fun and easily accessible.

"I have matured a lot. I have made new friends, done cool activities and got to socialise.’’

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