Nate Doucette "After Dark" EP Release Interview with Davey Hal

March 27, 2020

Nate Doucette, one of our young musicians at All In Music, has been recording his brand new EP “After Dark” at our studio at Southend YMCA.


Davey Hal, one of our music tutors, exclusively interviewed Nate before its forthcoming release. The whole interview is right here!



Davey Hal:  What has inspired you to create this EP “After Dark”?  Also, how has the title come about?


Nate Doucette: The EP came about really only over the past 6 or so months, and a lot of what you’ll hear was inspired by the sounds of some of my favourite artists.


The title was one of the last decisions I made, with After Dark being the 4th track on the EP, I hadn’t named half of the tracks until about a week ago but After Dark stuck out as a title for me in the sense that it sums up what the EP as a whole is about - in terms of the lyrics and their meaning.



DH: How did you go about writing your original material for After Dark?


ND: The writing part of it came relatively naturally, with the first track being written in October of last year. A few of the tracks started out as just a verse or a rough sketch of what I was thinking, but tracks like “Lifeline” and “Stars” came out very easily for me and were written in a matter of hours. My songwriting methods definitely switch from song to song, but I think this gives a different edge to each track – which I’m very fond of.



DH: You’ve been working closely with our All In Music tutor Tom Eatherton, how was the recording process for this project?


ND: It’s been great working with Tom. Our musical interests are very similar, and I think that helps when recording something of your own. I think Tom understood the kind of sound I wanted to go for, but both of us were quite free with the creative process – which meant we didn’t really set any expectations on what any of the tracks would sound like. For me, this has made the recording process so enjoyable… but I definitely wish we had an outtakes reel!!



DH: What kind of subjects or themes have you explored with these songs? Anything different to your previous original material?


ND: All of the tracks have a connection with each other for me personally but, hopefully, also for the listener. I tried to use my songwriting as a way of expressing mental health, how it can make you think and feel, whilst including some of my own experiences in it too. Some of the main topics involve grief, and feeling low, but include some more positive messages to it also – for example, on Stars; “I know that things will be alright”.


I think it’s important to share the good and bad side to these things, in the hopes that listeners will be inspired or can relate to the lyrics. My previous songwriting has mainly focused on how I feel but, in my opinion, hasn’t been as open to interpretation as the stuff on the EP. The 5 tracks you’ll hear are songs I think anyone can take as they will, which is something I hadn’t necessarily thought about my previous work.



DH: What’s your favourite track on the EP?


ND: This is a hard question! I think any songwriter would struggle to answer this, but I’d have to go with “Lifeline”. The track started out as a slow acoustic song, but when working on it with Tom, it grew into a more upbeat soft rock track – and we both really enjoyed working on it and listening back to it whilst mixing it. It’s the track I’d most like to play with a full band, if I got the chance to.



DH: Do you enjoy the recording side as much as performing live?


ND:  Definitely. They’re two completely different processes, but you get so much out of both sides of it. For me, playing live is about being in that moment and really meaning what you’re singing – and having the audience resonate with that too. Whilst I’ve dabbled in a few bits of recording in the past, this was a lot more involving and it definitely makes you fall in love with your songs in a different way compared to rehearsing or playing live.



DH: What can listeners expect to hear from this EP?


ND: The EP has a lot of different vibes going on really, I’d find it hard to drop it into one genre! If I were to pick it apart a bit more I’d say you can expect some indie rock tones, some more stripped back folky acoustic stuff, but also a stripped back piano number (the title track – After Dark).



DH: Which artists that you listen to have influenced you to write After Dark?


ND: So many! My musical influences grow all the time, but if I were to narrow it down to three acts, they would be: Phoebe Bridgers (Better Oblivion Community Centre), FUN and Matchbox Twenty.



DH: What instruments feature on the EP?


ND: Most of the tracks were originally based around acoustic guitar but feature drums, bass, electric guitar, and some synthesized sounds too – which add such a cool level to some of the tracks!



DH: And finally…where can we look to hear After Dark and when?


ND: It’ll be available online on all the usual streaming platforms, as well as hard copies on CD. With all the current circumstances in mind, we’re not sure when it’ll reach streaming sites but I’m hoping it will be with you all by the end of April. You will be able to find updates on all that jazz on my Facebook (nateismakingnoise) and Instagram (natemakesnoise).




You can keep up to date with the release date of After Dark via Nate’s social media pages and our All In Music Facebook and Instagram pages.







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