All In Music: 10 Questions With... Alice Berry

September 11, 2019

Welcome to the latest installment of our new blog feature, '10 Questions With...', where we'll be asking young people who have recently taken part in All In Music sessions and projects to provide an insight into their success story: a bit about them, what they got out of our project and what they'll be going on to do in the future.


Next up we have 15 year old bassist and singer Alice Berry.




Q.1 - Who are you and what do you play?


I am Alice Berry, I’m 15 years old and I play the bass. I have also recently been learning vocals. I was born in Southend-on-sea and live here.



Q.2 - What do you enjoy the most when playing music?


I enjoy challenging myself and playing songs I like. I love feeling the rhythm of what I’m playing and going through it well.



Q.3 - What musical experiences did you have before coming to Southend YMCA?


I had music lessons at school and did a few things outside school but not that much.



Q.4 - What have you enjoyed/learned so far during your music sessions at All-in-Music?


I’ve enjoyed being able to play in front of people like at the Southend youth awards. Also learning songs I really enjoy and being able to play along to them.



Q.5 - What genres and types of music do you like/listen to?


Indie, pop punk, pop rock, rock.



Q.6 - Who are your musical inspirations?


My musical inspirations are bands like Love Robot, PVRIS, Now Now and Paramore. I am inspired to make music because I enjoy it and I want to do the same to other people, inspiring them with my music and showing how fun it can be.



Q.7 - Apart from the music sessions, what else have you being a part of with Southend YMCA?


I have taken part in Team YP and have joined the YMCA Youth Board.



Q.8 - What has been your biggest achievement so far at All-in-Music?


Playing bass guitar at The Southend Youth Awards.



Q.9 - How has coming to All-in-Music changed you personally?


It gave me an outlet and escape from everything around me. My time here has taught me a lot of skills like working in a group. I’ve also become a lot more confident with myself and my music through working with the YMCA.



Q.10 - What’s next for you?


I’m going to college for music performance so I’ll be playing a lot at college gigs. I also plan on performing more in Southend and going to some local open mics or playing at YMCA music gigs.









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