All In Music: 10 Questions With... Chloe Payne

July 9, 2019

Welcome to the latest installment of our blog feature, '10 Questions With...', where we'll be asking young people who have recently taken part in All In Music sessions and projects to provide an insight into their success story: a bit about them, what they got out of our project and what they'll be going on to do in the future.


Next up we have young musician, Chloe Payne:




Q.1 - Who are you and what do you play?


My name's Chloe and I play piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and sing. 



Q.2 - What’s your favourite thing about music?


I love the fact that music is so raw and personal. You really can put a lot of emotion into playing or writing and playing music is one of the best ways to deal with emotions and thoughts. It's something that brings people together too, whether that's through playing music or listening, you can meet and connect with hundreds of people. Nothing else is really like that and it's amazing. 



Q.3 - What musical experience did you have before coming to 'All In Music'?


I had piano lessons as a child and did GCSE music. Whilst here, I started music at college too.



Q.4 - What have you enjoyed or learned so far during your music sessions at All-in-Music?


I've learned a few songs that are quite different to what I'd usually play and was able to start playing piano again as well as a few other instruments. I like that it's very laid back and you can try things outside of your comfort zone and not feel judged, even if it goes wrong.



Q.5 - What genres and types of music do you like/listen to?


My music taste is quite wide, so I listen to a variety of genres such as classical, folk, indie and rock, though the latter is what I listen to most.



Q.6 - Who are your musical inspirations?


My great grandfather is probably the main reason why I play music. He was a piano player and started teaching me from a very young age.



Q.7 - Apart from our music sessions, what else have you been a part of with the Southend YMCA?


I have been a part of multiple live performances and gigs in the local area through the Southend YMCA.



Q.8 - What has been your biggest achievement so far with 'All In Music'?


My biggest achievement would have to be playing at the Palace Theatre in February as there was such a large audience, about 700 people. This was the second time I'd ever performed in front of more than a few people, so it was an amazing experience. 



Q.9 - How has being a part of 'All In Music' changed you personally?


Since starting my sessions, I have found confidence in myself and my ability, which has led me to try and pursue music in a more serious way. It has given me a chance to find where I am happiest, performing at my best and offered opportunities to try work on my own music and find my own distinct sound.



Q.10 - What’s next for you?


I am playing at Village Green festival on the 13th of July and am currently recording some original music to potentially release an EP in the near future.




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