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Southend YMCA Eurovision Party!

Author: Jack Marrable

About: Jack (21) is our young resident, biggest Eurovision fan we know in Southend. As a result of organizing an event at Southend YMCA Newlands Supported Accommodation, he gained a better understanding of leadership and management- two skills needed for his bright future.

As a big Eurovision fan, I organised a successful Eurovision party at Southend YMCA Newlands Supported Accommodation. During this event, staff and residents engaged in a fun activity and learned about the Eurovision song contest. I created a sweepstake and designed a board for the event that displayed the flags of countries (hand-drawn) participating in the song contest. The displayed board also included some interesting music facts and details about each country's representative and success.

The event provided me with the opportunity to develop my management and leadership skills by arranging the sweepstake, coordinating people, music, and food arrangements. My marketing skills and confidence levels were also enhanced by creating the event’s poster and promotional video. For me, it was a very positive experience both in terms of learning and for improving my mental health.

As part of my learning and improvement process and to evaluate individuals’ views of the event, I conducted a survey and received massive positive feedback. Staff and residents alike agreed that they had enjoyed the event. They thought it was well organised and sought another event like this one next year.

To promote my Eurovision party, I created a poster that included key information about the party. The image below is the poster I created:

During the Eurovision party, we cooked food from different countries across Europe for people to learn of and to try the different types of food across Europe.

Award winners for the Southend YMCA Eurovision party:

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