New Beginnings

New Beginnings is a life skills curriculum programme to help young people who have experienced homelessness within the local area.

We offer accredited and non accredited 

learning opportunities that help increase young people’s confidence and self-belief so they begin to trust in their abilities and learn and apply new skills. We do this through fun and engaging activities to help wellbeing. 

About The Project

The project will support young people with a wide range of personal development programmes

  • Offering accredited, portfolio learning

  • Developing and delivering group work sessions to combat isolation and develop confidence. Most employers expect young people to be able work as part of a team and comply within recognised social values/behaviours 

  • Listening to, and taking into consideration, the views of young people in curriculum development, through consultation. 


An initial induction session and individual learning plan will look at the direct needs/wants of each young person. This will support the ‘buy in’ factor, increase their understanding of the importance of taking responsibility for their future and inform differentiated learning.


Embedding literacy and numeracy within the programmes components to up-skill all young people. Offering courses at the appropriate level through a comprehensive assessment. This will cover function skills Maths & English and include personal development SMART goals identified by the young people. 


Delivering a wide range of personal development workshops to support young people with a range of needs e.g. frustration, anxiety disorder. All of our project designs are bespoke to the group and we have an innovative approach to all we undertake. We will use a variety of creative activities to entice young people to engage.


Every young person will have an IAG session to support them to establish their future pathways. To identify potential realistic career paths and further study. This will cover all aspects of employability from CV writing to interview skills.


With social isolation and loneliness increasing this project brings young people together aiding the development of communication skills and peer learning. This will result in improved emotional wellbeing and friendship groups. Using a range of delivery methods from practical application to gain transferable life skills e.g. cooking, group discussion to develop social and teamwork skills which decrease isolation. Portfolio building to see progression and a tangible attainment.

Our work is supported by South

East LEP Community Grants

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How this programme may help young people 

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Together, we can end youth homelessness in Southend.

Southend's Leading Children's Charity - Southend-on-Sea Young Men’s Christian Association (Southend YMCA) Registered Charity Number: 1102837 (registered in England); Limited Liability Company number 5051166;  Non-profit, private registered provider of social housing: Number 4853