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Who we are 

Southend YMCA is an outstanding registered charity and housing provider based in Southend On Sea and working throughout Essex.


We work with children, young people, families and the wider community providing high-quality education, outstanding accommodation and positive activities and projects.


These aid personal, social, cultural and moral development as well as improved health and wellbeing to the people of Southend and surrounding areas.

About Us

Who we are

Our Mission

Our organisation aims to "stand in the gap" through delivering safe and effective services which address the needs and aspirations of children and young people and helps to transform their lives.

This means that as adults they are in employment, have a decent home, a living wage, good health, emotional wellbeing and can sustain family and community life.

Our Mission

"Our aim is to be an innovative, resilient and sustainable young people’s charity delivering social value"

Former Mayor of Southend and YMCA CEO Sy

We became the Mayor's Charity for 2016/2017. The Worshipful, The Mayor of Southend Councillor Judith McMahon, had this to say about Southend YMCA:

"They stand alongside children and young people…help them to dream their dreams and enable them to walk into their destiny. 


Southend benefits, as these young citizens find a pathway into the centre of society, rather than teeter on the edge. And it's not just that they do it, it’s the way that it’s done that counts. They are a creative vibrant innovative organisation, motivated and motivating, full of joy. 

They innovate, they create opportunities that challenge and enhance and build up. They have brought the best of the past to create a future.


Impossible does not figure into their equations."

Former Mayor of Southend On Sea, Cllr Judith MacMahon & Southend YMCA CEO Syrie Cox. Image courtesy of the Evening Echo.


We Need Your Support Today! Make a difference to the lives of children and young people.

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