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Studio Hire

The Intro studio is available for private hire.

Please contact Alex Milne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 01702 301301 for more information.

Intro Events

We often host live music events with the young people we work with, supported by our music staff. Please check back here regularly to see when our next events might be happening. Alternatively, give us your email address to join our newsletter and let us update you with what's going on!

Upcoming Events

Past Events

The Intro Studio

Intro runs out of the YMCA Music Studio located at Southend YMCA's main office on Ambleside Drive.

Our studio is equipped with some capable recording and performing equipment. We have a live room for rehearsal, teaching and recording with numerous instruments including a P.A., drum kit, keyboards, guitars, hand percussion, microphones and outboard effects equipment. The studio also has a separate control room equipped with iMacs and production software to allow you to really play with your music and work on your production skills.

The studio is capable of creating demo-quality recordings, which we often do with young people as part of their portfolios, teaching the art of performing music for recording, but also the technical aspects of capturing it.


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